Now forming ethical societies.  

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Diagram of the non-hierarchical Titania Holomat organization.
Titania Holotropic Matrix (IHoloMat) of Octologues

In the diagram above, each octagon represents an ‘Octologue’ of eight people who share an ethical purpose, who make decisions unanimously, and who have committed themselves to consistently act in accordance with a Universal Code of Honor.

Wherever two octagons touch each other, there is assumed to exist an ethical contract between the two Octologues. Two or more Octologues, having such a contract, constitute a ‘HoloMat’; so the diagram, as a whole, represents a HoloMat of HoloMats.

Just as an individual can be a member of more than one Octologue, an Octologue can be a member of more than one HoloMat.

As you can see, the diagram illustrates twelve HoloMats having related purposes, as shown.

Civilization Done Right


Titania Holomat Logo

Bob Podolsky suggests that a cataclysmic series of events is likely to take place in our immediate future; and if we survive, we’ll need to know how to form ethical societies in order to avoid repeating the mistakes our ancestors made in creating today’s failed paradigm.

This video presents a vision of how that can be done, based on 45 years of study, research, and scientific experimentation.

Don’t wait for the Fall of Civilization to get started. Start now to create a world of Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom.

Civilization Done Right


What is an ethic?  Valid and in-valid ethics.  Why are ethics important?  How to master ethics in one lesson.  The Power Ethic.  The Scientific Ethic.

Telling Truth from Falsehood.  The “Comforting Lies” that we tend to believe.  Applications of the Scientific Ethic.

Surprising facts about the nature of law.  How to tell good laws from bad laws.  Laws that free us and laws that enslave us.  What every child should be taught about law.

Principles and Processes.  Hierarchy.  Bureaucracy.  Contracts.  Alternatives to hierarchy. 

The myth of benevolent government.  The hidden realities.  The real nature of government.  Government vs. the People.  Alternatives to government. 

The choice of a business ethic.  The ethical paradigms of business.  Dr. Deming’s wonderful admonitions.  How to build a bureaucracy-free business.

Why we educate our young – The People’s agenda and the Government’s agenda.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Steps towards a better model. 

A valid aspiration – not a valid ethic.  The myth of freedom in America.  Who stole my freedom – and why?  How can I get it back?

The pageantry of politics.  The big distraction.  Individualism vs. collectivism.  Who wins?  Who loses?

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