War, Ethics, Taxation, Slavery and the Federal Reserve

Noble reasons

The only reason a country goes to war is for control of resources, it is not for noble reasons. Some people believe that war are fought for noble reasons like freedom, security, oppression of “bad guys”. Many other people think believe war is the worst atrocities of the planet.  Bob Podolsky dispels the notion that wars are fought for noble reasons.  The government says it is our duty, it is our responsibility, it is our social responsibility  etc, etc, etc.

Control of resources

Nonsense! The only one reason why wars are ever fought, that is for control of resources.  Those resources might include Oil, Natural Gas, arable land, access to seaports and Slaves.  Slaves are free sources for which many wars and history makes it very clear. When you study history closely you will see this is so]]>

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