Sovereign Living The Show

After many years on the front lines of liberty activism exposing fusion centers around the country, shaking down the TSA, and keeping their local officials in Texas under the microscope, the power couple Cat Bleish and John Bush (along with their two beautiful children) have found their calling: Living off the grid and outside of the government.  Join this foursome as they take you on their personal journey to leave centralized institutions and create a sustainable life for themselves on their 2.4-acre Blush farm in Central Texas.
“Sovereign Living is the idea that people ought to take responsibility for providing for themselves, their family, and their community from the provision of food, the provision of health care, to the provision of community defense.” – shares John
Starting next fall the launch of Sovereign Living: The Show will share the lives of these liberty activists as they work to create their own food, shelter, water and energy system, as well as build alternative institutions and provide for their own natural healthcare. This show will create a new wave of education in the reality TV genre, and wait until you see the cinematography and style. Impressive to boot!
Check out the sizzle reel here:

A supporter-based fundraiser begins this week and the family and producers hope people will support the show to ensure it can be seen by the world. Visit to learn more, and if you can, become a supporter and learn about the awesome incentives that come along with helping out!

Just what the liberty movement needs, media that revolves around voluntary living and sustainability. Bring your notepad, you’ll want to write down all the awesome things you learn from their experience!


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