Murdering Police officer Shawn Wilson Back on the Job! by Morpheus Billy FoustPAGE — Murdering Page Police Officer Shawn Wilson is now back on the job, brutalizing the residents of the town of Page, Arizona.  Officer Wilson got off Scot free for the MURDER of bonded sovereign, William Dale Foust. Foust was a business owner and was the Chief Justice for the Republic for Arizona. Billy as he was known as an inspirational speaker who was standing up to the corporate De Facto government.  The De Facto Corporation known as the Coconino County Sheriff’s department determined Officer Wilson was justified in using deadly force when he shot and Murdered Page business owner William Foust on Fathers Day, June 19 2011, outside Foust’s B&T Marine.  Did anyone actually believe that this would not be the result of the investigation? We are told Wilson, fired twice on Foust, after Foust backed up his truck and the Officer Wilson positioned him self, in such a way to appear as if Foust was backing into him. Page Police Chief Charlie Dennis said Monday “This County Attorney’s decision is good news for the Page Police Department and Officer Wilson as we have awaited the findings on the case. I believe it was important to have an outside, independent investigation into this incident to show transparency of the events that occurred that day.”  This is great news for the Police Chief, Officer Wilson and other tyrannical police officers around the country knowing once again the system exists so they can steal people’s property for the state, torture and murder people and get away with it. Instead of having a trial for MURDER, such as what would happen in the event any other person who shot someone else.  Police officers, who shoot and killed someone, this incident is done by “police investigation”.  With such an “investigation”,  questions of whether the officer had a right to even question Foust, detain Foust or was the officer was trespassing on Foust’s property, are never even asked.  Conveniently for the government and their stooge Wilson, the Government declares it had the “Right” to execute someone.  Case closed.  Don’t like it? To freaking bad.  Get back to work…SLAVE! The De Facto Government Corporation had much evidence however one piece that was missing curiously is a toxicology report on Officer Wilson. Officer Wilson’s account is that Foust had backed his vehicle abruptly in Wilson’s direction; most rational people would get out of the way.  Foust was not under arrest when Wilson was approaching.  Foust was not interested in communicating with the Officer and when Foust decided to leave, the Officer actions indicate it would be better to teach Foust a lesson about respecting the Police. To teach Foust a lesson, Officer Wilson discharged two probes from the Taser at Foust during the scuffle but both missed the mark.  Then the office lost control of his torture device (taser), now frightened he decided to Murder Foust. As Foust charged Wilson with an outstretched arm, the officer stepped back and discharged his .40-caliber Glock duty weapon, the report said. The first of the two shots struck Foust in the lower left chest. The second shot struck Foust in the right forehead. The autopsy report indicated that Foust died of multiple gunshot wounds and that the manner was homicide, or non-accidental and caused by another person. The report also showed no drugs or alcohol in Foust’s system. The news report doesn’t say anything about toxicology for the officer. Foust had gained some notoriety by filing his paperwork that was on file with the county recorder, where he had separated his real man from his STRAWMAN.  He used this information to respond to a traffic case in adjacent Kane County, Utah.  He acknowledged the corporate status of the Kane County, so the judge sentenced him to 5 days in jail for a technical foul. Foust also was well-known in the community of Page and online.]]>

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