Is Bitcoin the Currency of the Resistance?

Here is an in depth article on Bitcoin; we interview Swedish Pirate Founder Rick Falkvinge in the second half and were going to talk to him about the fact that he converted all of his savings to Bitcoin. Alas, we never got a chance this interview but we’ll interview him again in the next week or two to find out specifically why he did this and Max will not ask him any other questions but about his decision to do this! [Also, anyone concerned about Bitcoin, not to worry because Wall Street’s man in the Senate – Chuck Schumer – is co-sponsoring a bill to ban Bitcoin.] Recall also that, in our interview with Jon Matonis, he predicted that Bitcoin would become more valuable/legitimate if politicians tried to ban it. Here is the LibertarianNews’ response to the immediate hostility by the gold crowd to Bitcoin.

What Is Bitcoin? Tom Woods Talks to Erik Voorhees

Filling in as host of the Peter Schiff Show, bestselling author Tom Woods interviews Erik Voorhees of BitInstant about Bitcoin, and takes listener calls. Visit these sites: And read Erik’s “Bitcoin: A Libertarian Introduction

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