Greetings to all my friends and Octologue well-wishers. In just 8 days the text of my latest book will be finalized and its production will get underway. The title is: “Soul-Bonding – A New Approach to Personal Growth and Human Syzygy”.

When completed, the book will be available in paperback, e-book, and kindle formats. I’ve included the book’s preface below as an introduction to the subject-matter. If you’d like to receive a free copy of the e-book, as soon as it’s available, just shoot me an email to with “free S-B” in the subject line, and I’ll send it off to you ASAP..


Bob Podolsky


Soul-Bonding”. The phrase fairly reeks of undefined mystical implications imbued with a hint of the spiritual. But what does it mean? It takes its name from the fact that the bond formed between a mother and her newborn infant is the most important relationship in the life of the child. The quality of that bond and its history over the child’s first five years will determine how that life will unfold for the adult into whom the child matures for decades thereafter… in the absence of Soul-Bonding. Which brings us back to the question of “What is Soul-Bonding?”

The simplest answer is that Soul-Bonding is a protocol or procedure that enables one to increase one’s understanding of who one is and how one became who one is. While valuable for its simplicity, this explanation fails to express the universal need for this technology. So here’s a list of 26 indications that Soul-Bonding would likely improve your life:

  • You’ve always known you were special, but others rarely recognize this in you.

  • You are constantly disappointed by the extent to which those around you lack your spiritual sensitivity.

  • Life has “short-changed” you and someone, by God, owes you!

  • You’ve long suspected that you have alien parents… who may or may not someday come to claim you… but you were sure, as a child, that you were living with the wrong family.

  • While you are obviously generous, it seems everyone else is terribly selfish.

  • You believe “no one should have to work.”

  • The “Venus Project” is very appealing to you.

  • You participate in political campaigns.

  • You’d rather seek and find evidence for what you believe than formulate new beliefs based on new information.

  • You can’t imagine enjoying monogamy.

  • You have failed at marriage more than once – and you’re starting to suspect there’s more involved in this than simply your poor judgment in picking your partners.

  • Fear of failure makes you inordinately risk averse.

  • You’d rather have a job than own a business.

  • You’ve already been promoted to your level of incompetence.

  • You always use up all your “sick-leave”.

  • You win awards for playing your role as an employee.

  • You’ve got your eye on that corner office… or comparable status symbol (big house, fancy car, private jet, etc.)

  • You remember nothing before the age of six.

  • When you were little, your parents always seemed to be fighting about you.

  • You hate your job. You’ve hated all your jobs.

  • You’ve never had a boss you liked.

  • You’ve never had a boss you didn’t like.

  • You keep expecting to see government start changing for the better

  • You feel helpless to change anything for the better.

  • Your life is “humdrum” and meaningless.

  • Think of the question, “What would you set out to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” Then realize YOU AREN’T DOING IT.

If any one of the above descriptors fits you, you are a prime candidate for learning Soul-Bonding. If two or more apply, your need could be urgent.

When I speak of “learning Soul-Bonding”, I could mean learning to be a professional Soul-Bonding practitioner, who gets paid to apply the protocol for the benefit of their clients. But it can also mean simply learning the skills for one’s own benefit. Both meanings are valid and both outcomes are available.

Soul-Bonding is designed from its inception as a means by which people can recover from, and outgrow, the effects of childhood trauma, and thereby acquire a variety of valuable new capabilities that were previously unavailable. Moreover, when you experience Soul-Bonding you are simultaneously learning it. So when you’ve experienced enough of it, you can use it on your own without supervision. And by the time you are doing that routinely, you will be competent to teach it to others.

When I began my journey into Soul-Bonding, in the fall of 1972, I was very skeptical. The only reason I got started was that a friend told me that a two hour session with a therapist resulted in curing her of stammering – an “affliction” she’d suffered from for most of her life. That statement aroused my curiosity to the extent that I had to find out how the change came about, despite my skepticism. Two months later I was so moved by the benefits that I’d already experienced that I decided to make it my second career. I’ve never regretted the decision.

In the course of reading this book you will learn in some detail the nature of Soul-Bonding and likely find a use for it in your life. Here at the start, I want to provide you a context and some vocabulary for understanding and interpreting the content of the chapters that follow, as well as a recognition that Soul-Bonding could be the solution of the deepest most tragic problem our species faces – the problem most likely to destroy us all if left unsolved.

Like your cell phone when it’s time to charge it, a newborn baby needs to “plug into its energy source”, and its “socket” is primarily its mother’s face. So the baby “plugs in” by finding mom’s face, making eye contact, and mirroring mom’s facial expressions.

If mom is happy, healthy, energetic, and ready to engage with her child, the two mirror each other in a way that the child finds nurturing, calming, satisfying, and reassuring. And if the mother follows through with the needed physical comforting and feeding, the child grows up seeing the world as full of the resources she needs and becomes highly capable and independent. Soul-Bonding dramatically increases the likelihood of this desirable outcome.

I sincerely believe that if you are not living the life you’ve always wanted, the means to achieving that life is literally in your hands and/or at your fingertips this very moment.


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