Inside North Korea Cross into North Korea, one of the world’s most secretive nations, for a rare glimpse of the country and its dictator Kim Jong Il.  You will see a people so hopelessly brainwashed for generations, by one of the greatest psychopaths the world has ever seen, Kim Jong Il.  The North Korean people praise, idolize and worship their great political “Leader” for everything.  And everything is completely under his control. The film crew interviews a family of a woman who is about to get surgery for her eyesight. The woman is asked “What is the greatest Hardship about being blind?”. Her response “That I am unable to see the image of my great “Leader” Kim Jung Il!”. inside the home not a single family picture on the walls of the home, just those of the great “Leader”  This has got to be the most scariest movie of all time. ]]>

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