Bradley Manning Pleads Guilty

Bradley Manning is the Bravest man in the Army

“The U.S. Army private accused of providing secret documents to the WikiLeaks website pleaded guilty on Thursday to misusing classified material he felt “should become public,” but denied the top charge of aiding the enemy.”* Bradley Manning is facing prosecution for giving military information to Wikileaks. He’s plead guilty to some charges. He maintains that he did release the information and that he did it because he wanted to help the country. What will happen with the other treasonous charges against him that could net a life sentence? Cenk Uygur breaks it down. At the hearing, through his attorney Manning pleaded not guilty to the most serious charge, of aiding the enemy. Manning, who has been jailed at Quantico Marine Base in Virginia for more than 1,000 days, could face life imprisonment if convicted of that charge at his June trial.

Bradley Manning’s Sentence Reduction

Under a ruling last month by Lind, Manning would have any sentence reduced by 112 days to compensate for the markedly harsh treatment he received during his confinement.  Wow what a benevolent Judge. Bradley Manning is facing 20 YEARS and the judge is giving him a whole 112 days for being TORTURED.    If this weren’t such a travesty I should be ROFLMAO!  “Harsh Treatment” this is CALLED TORTURE! Leaders of the free world! The shining light on the hill!  How about the Manchurian Candidate, John McCain? What a freaking joke! Bradley Manning is not even been convicted, supposedly innocent until proven guilty, this is how we treat innocent people?  While at Quantico, Manning was placed in solitary confinement for up to 23 hours a day with BORG agents  checking on him every few minutes. 1. Solitary Confinement/Isolation 2. Humiliation Techniques 3. Sleep Deprivation 4. Sensory Deprivation 5. Stress Positions  ]]>

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