A Short Course in Organized Anarchy

Purpose: The purpose of this experiential workshop is to teach you (and others like you) a powerful new way to maximize your creativity and enhance your life by organizing and operating cooperative voluntary associations for any ethical purpose. Such associations are based on 20 years of scientific research and are:
  • Completely voluntary and Coercion-free,
  • Non-hierarchic – all members having an equal “say” in group decisions,
  • Non-bureaucratic – encouraging and utilizing all available feedback,
  • Constrained to make only unanimous decisions – thus avoiding the pitfalls of majority rule,
  • Highly unlikely to make unethical decisions – as almost all institutions are prone to do today,
  • Easily suited to the formation of businesses, schools, churches, service organizations, unions, charities, clubs, financial institutions, and other ethical pursuits,
  • Fun places to acquire trustworthy friends and work together harmoniously.
A free introductory presentation will be held at 7 pm on Friday, October the 25th. The Titanian Octologue Workshop starts at 9 am on the morning of Saturday, October the 26th, includes three sessions on Saturday, three sessions on Sunday, and ends about 10 pm on Sunday, October the 27th.


Structure: Titanian groups typically start with 8±1 members with men and women in equal numbers (±1). Such groups are called Octologues. As such a group needs more participants, a second Octologue is formed and a contract established with the first. A group of Octologues that work together in this way is called a HoloMat. There is no limit to the size of a HoloMat – so very large projects become possible using this methodology. Values:       Octologue core values include Creativity, Love, Awareness, Objective Truth, Personal Growth, and their logical equivalents. Content:     The Titanian Octologue Workshop starts with a free introductory session at 7 pm on Friday, October the 25th, includes three sessions on Saturday, the 26th and 3 on Sunday, the 27th. Content includes:
  • In depth study of ethics and its applications,
  • Octologue dynamics practice sessions,
  • Octologue-based methods of amplifying and synchronizing the creativity of Octologue members,
  • Discussion of Octologue recruitment,
  • Contract considerations in the formation of HoloMats,
  • Opportunities for further study and leadership development.
Presenter: Bob Podolsky, the principal presenter, spent 10 years as a professional physicist / systems analyst in industry and government. He then got retrained and was a psychotherapist in private practice for 25 years. He participated in John David Garcia’s creativity enhancement research from1984 to 2001, and has written 7 books and numerous articles about ethics, creativity, and self-governance.



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