Bob Podolsky - Your Next Speaker

Since he was eleven years old, Bob Podolsky has been recognized and applauded for his skills as a public speaker. Today he brings to his audiences a beautifully crafted message of hope for the future of humanity. Unlike other inspirational speakers, who focus on “positive mental attitude” and the “power of faith”, Bob concentrates on “positive rational intention” and the “proven power of the scientific method” to discover the keys to humanity’s long term success. By applying these principles, Bob shows us the real-world cause-and-effect relationships between the institutions and events that shape human history and that ultimately will determine the destiny of our species.

Although his oratorical skills are highly developed, what really makes his talks interesting is the combination of:

  • Bob’s extraordinary insight as he analyses the causes and consequences of world events – both past and present.
  • His use of the scientific method to distinguish popularly-believed falsehoods from less-comforting truths about the world.  As Einstein said of his father, “Podolsky goes directly to the heart of the problem”. The result is a world-view that many find uncomfortable – because it forces one to accept ideas that contradict some of the “common knowledge with which we grew up.
  • Bob’s ability to articulate and explain the most complex concepts in language that virtually anyone can understand; and finally
  • SURPRISE! Bob is prepared to prove to you that the world is not what you think it is: Business, Religion, Money, Crime, Law, Politics, Hierarchy, Bureaucracy – none of these is quite what you think it is; – and Government is NOT AT ALL what you think it is;

As Bob lays bare the lies and deceptions that dominate our “common knowledge” views of the world, the underlying truths, both wonderful and terrible, become self-evident; and having heard him speak you will walk away with a new appreciation of both the dangers and opportunities that this new-found awareness will afford you.

There are certain common themes that thread their way through the tapestry of Bob’s speaking repertoire; but the topics that follow collectively represent his most important subject-matter.

1.Ethics What is an ethic?Valid and in-valid ethicsWhy are ethics important?How to master ethics in one lesson.The Power Ethic.The Scientific Ethic.
2.Reality vs. Fantasy Telling Truth from FalsehoodThe “Comforting Lies” that we tend to believe.Applications of the Scientific Ethic
3.Law Surprising facts about the nature of law.How to tell good laws from bad laws.Laws that free us and laws that enslave us.What every child should be taught about law.
4.Organization Principles and ProcessesHierarchyBureaucracyContractsAlternatives to hierarchy
5.Government The myth of benevolent government.The hidden realities.The real nature of government.Government vs. the PeopleAlternatives to government
6.Business The choice of a business ethic.The ethical paradigms of business.Dr. Deming’s wonderful admonitions.How to build a bureaucracy-free business.
7.Education Why we educate our young – The People’s agenda and the Government’s agenda.What’s wrong with this picture?Steps towards a better model.
8.Freedom A valid aspiration – not a valid ethic.The myth of freedom in America.Who stole my freedom – and why?How can I get it back?
9.Politics The pageantry of politics.The big distraction.Individualism vs. collectivismWho wins? Who loses?


Contact Bob via email at bob@civilizationdoneright.com for more information.